All mentioned and published at this branch of the web site is a result of my research and tests. It fully served my natural curiosity and interest in ET and IT areas.

Be aware about OII MOC (Management of change). This method/software is fully operational however it is not approved by OII technical.

RemSnapshoter (RSS)

 No modification on Oceaneering made software has been done! 


Just want to share with you an idea of using CFW Overlay Client snapshot functional remotely.


The idea behind that came from one situation occurred on the system once. Bridge requested for snapshots extremely often so that I asked myself: ‘Why they can’t have an access to the snapshot function without being given the access to the system?’ As a result that came out of this question is the Client – Server application RemSnapshoter. It consists of two parts: Client that is to be run at a remote PC and Server to be run at CFW Overlay Client PC. RemSnapshoter Client app generates a command that is to be send over LAN to the RemSnapshoter Server app. The last one recognizes the CFW Overlay Client running instance on the Overlay Client PC.

The received command is being passed to the CFW Overlay Client application to initiate snapshot that is in order to be saved in a shared on the LAN folder shared that can be accessed by the bridge let's say.

RemSnapshotter was tested on a private PC with good results achieved. Despite of this fact it wasn’t used in operation due to MOC reason. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article all this is just to share an idea. RemSnapshotter is a kind of prototype that is dedicated to present an idea.

All controls should be pretty clear with one thing to comment. An ‘Authorization code’ is to set up at Server side (CFW PC) to grant an access to the Client (Remote PC) to the snapshot feature. Client side is to be told this code. 

Uncompressed RemSnapshoter (RSS) package is here.

Single package version (ZIP file) is here.