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Be aware about OII MOC (Management of change). This method/software is fully operational however it is not approved by OII technical.

Bootable CTAG USB drive


We all know that there is an Oceaneering’s procedure on how to create a bootable USB

drive. This is absolutely good to have it. However techs still need to put CTAG on it dealing

with DOS commands for this purpose and then when they need to do CTAG backup. I found

that people tend to avoid this. I personally don't see a use of having just bootable drive just


The following solution will give you a step-by-step procedure on how to create not just a bootable

USB drive but the drive with CTAG dedicated task menu that will let you to not deal with

boring typing DOS commands. In the end you will need just to plug your USB drive to PC,

run the operating system from it, selected CTAG task to perform and it will do the rest either

it to be CTAG run or CTAG backup.

There are two options here. One of them is to prepare two USBs that will be dedicated to

Pilot PC and Co-Pilot (Aux) PC accordingly. The other options is to create the only USB

drive that will contain CTAG task menu covering both CATG PCs. In case of the last option

the rare situation needs to be aware of when both computers are got out of order - one USB

drive cannot be used for two PCs simultaneously.

All that you will need for your Bootable CTAG USB drive is here.

Single package version (ZIP file) is here.