ROV HUD Borey v.1.5 (aka Captain Nemo) is an application for visualization of the navigation, ROV orientation and targeting data on the video captured from the ROV camera. The visualized parameters are drawn from navigation systems which accumulate data from a variety of sensors connected to the navigation mainframe. Such realization scheme allows ROV pilot to have necessary information overlaid onto central (often Pan and Tilt) ROV camera live picture.



The ComOut2 v.2.0 is dedicated to emulate a COM port data generated by a software and/or hardware facilities. The ComOut2 program can be used for the purpose of testing software and/or hardware facilities, data communication channels, software debugging.




The CSC v.4.1 program is dedicated to translate the data from the form being spread over COM port communication into the form to be transmitted over Ethernet communication and vice-versa at the receiving end. The goal is to use Ethernet transport for COM port data transfer.